So, you are thinking of having a private dinner party for friends and the agonising thoughts start running through your head. Do you cook yourself or hire a Private Chef? There are so many things to consider. What to cook, dietary requirements – how will you cook dishes to please all the guests. Do you cook multiple starters, mains and desserts to try and please everyone? You think about how you will cook, serve the food and do the dreaded cleaning up afterwards!

Hiring a Private Chef is a much easier option. Joseph, The Private Chef can do all that hard work for you and wow your guests! They will be talking about it to their friends for weeks. Here are our top ten reasons!

1          The Menu options are endless!

You can choose a unique menu tailored to your culinary tastes and cater for all dietary requirements. The Private Chef will work with you to tailor the perfect menu, we have some menu suggestions already in place to give you an idea and whet your appetite. You can really go to town with what you can offer your guests, even if you are a pretty good cook yourself; the Private Chef can deliver some amazing culinary delights.


2          It’s easy!

One of the key benefits of a Private Chef is that it’s easy. You can enjoy your dinner party without the stress of preparing food, trying to dish it all up in time and keeping your guests waiting. There’s no worrying if the dishes will be cooked to perfection and your guests will enjoy the food. The Private Chef can even bring crockery and cutlery if you require!


3          No mess to clean up afterwards

The Private chef will prepare all the food, cook it to perfection and serve it up in a stunning presentation style that will wow your guests. And the best bit is they will even clean up the mess after the meal.


4          Cost effective

Believe it or not, hiring a private chef can be very cost effective versus eating out at a fine dining restaurant. Once you factor in the meal costs, wine and babysitters fees, it can actually work out cheaper than eating out.


5          Hand picked ingredients

The Private Chef hand picks the highest quality, fresh local produce to create his stunning dishes. So you can rest assured that there will be something to please everyone.


6          Saves time

When you host a dinner party, you want your guests to get the best quality food and not be waiting in between courses while you are dashing back and forth to the kitchen. You can just sit back and enjoy having pre dinner drinks and entertaining your guests, while Joseph prepares the food for you.


7          Entertainment

There is nothing better than watching a pro chef cook, expertly preparing and presenting stunning food. You and your guests can watch in awe as the Private Chef works to provide the highest quality dining experience for your guests.


8          Learn from an expert

You can gain some great insight into the world of a professional chef, who has cooked for former presidents, celebrities and was a Masterchef finalist! Learn how to make that dish you always wanted to or get presentation ideas and learn some of the top chef tips.


9          Sit back and relax

Entertain your guests and amaze them as they watch the meal unfold, have a glass of wine without worrying about the drive home or the cleaning up.


10        Make a special occasion highly memorable

Hiring a private chef is something different and perfect for that really special occasion: a Marriage proposal dinner, Valentines dinner, Mothers or Fathers day, Hen parties or even a Sunday roast – which includes the best Yorkshire puddings ever!


To find out more please see our menu suggestions or to get in touch and request a quote, if you need a bit more convincing read our fabulous testimonials.